Tala is a young British lighting brand with a mission to create exquisite products that have a positive impact.

The word Tala originates from an African concept of Conservation Through  Beauty. The
company was founded by four friends at the University of Edinburgh with a shared passion
for design, technology and sustainability.
Our distinctive design rubric combines classic decorative qualities, British industrial
influences and pioneering LED technology. What makes a Tala bulb  unique is its
uncompromising focus on both design and sustainability.
With exciting developments in optics, materials science and connectivity, we are now able to
design lighting with a strong shift from the functional towards the emotional - the idea of
‘lighting as an experience’ forms the backbone of the Tala collection.
When you purchase a Tala product you’re investing in our ethos -  this is represented in every
detail, from the packaging down to our tree planting programme. For every 200 units sold, we
plant 10 trees.
Tala designs are built for creating a contemporary and inviting atmosphere.  There are three
distinct collections - Design, Feature and Classic. Our product development is focused on
pushing the design limits of the light bulb and utilising new materials and techniques.

With an emphasis on warm light, high colour rendering and quality components, Tala
products complement a variety of interior design styles and projects.


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