Tonone: traditional tools as the heart and basis of contemporary design.

How can we use the mechanical tools of the old world into state-of- the
art design? Designer Anton de Groof and his team met this challenge
very successfully with the launch of a new and upcoming brand: Tonone.
The heart and the starting point for this brand is the unique combination
of contemporary design and traditional craft tools. A new series of
industrial and bold lamps illutrates clearly that this can be a very logical
match. The basis of these lamps is the team’s fascination with the form
and function of the traditional wingnut, recognizable by the two wings.
The wingnut has a dual role in the lamps: on the one hand, it is used as
a functional tool to assemble and to adjust the lamp, on the other it is
also a distinctive, visible element of the lamp itself. De Groof and his
team present with their designs an innovative way of applying traditional
constructing tools and methods in new iconic designs of our time. To be
continued in a variety of furniture designs!


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